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The Cameron Method Workshops, Level 1 and Level 2

Level 1 Workshops

Participants learn a new and effective strategy for handling setbacks, smoothing interpersonal relations, strengthening motivation, and removing blocks to optimal performance.

The workshops are unique in their ability to move beyond and beneath anything experienced previously. Participants can master methods of mentally removing negative influences affecting behavior and relationships.

Each workshop is carefully crafted to deal with its subject area. Participants can discover why they may have counterproductive or limiting response patterns dealing with the targeted problems and challenges. And they can learn how to improve them.

In-person or telephonic coaching is available after these workshops.

Level II Workshops

These workshops provide the next step of personal growth. Participants are taught to use the Cameron Ideomotor Method to find out the real inner bases of their blocks or limits. They then learn to apply The Releasing Strategy to create specific inner mind improvements.

At the workshop's conclusion, participants are introduced to the use of CompuMind Software.

In-person or telephonic coaching is also available after these workshops.

Executive Leadership and Management

Leading Where You Want To Go

The key to effective leadership is often found in your own relationship with the leaders in your own life: beginning with parents, siblings, peers, teachers, and coaches. You may think these relationships are past, and they are history.

This is not so; they are an integral, continuing part of your mind and its daily response patterns. Uncover and remove the negatives that are unconsciously influencing you, and the leadership benefits are immediate and profound. Details...


Strong Minds And Team Dynamics

Again, the human relationship patterns that dominate your inner mind influence and color all aspects of your ability to work successfully with others, to use your ego productively within the team dynamic. Uncovering and removing the negatives in your personal and professional relationship history can immediately liberate newfound powers of cooperation and inspiration in your work with team members. Details...

Production and Performance

Beyond Motivation: Consistently Improving Productivity

Mental blocks to productivty and performance are legion. Few individuals are able, even when willing, to function at their own optimal levels until they can uncover and remove these hidden obstacles and limits in the human condition. Details...

Sales and Selling

Beyond Motivation: Consistently Improving Sales Power

Corporate success tends to ride on the shoulders of salespeople. Typically, this means the 20% of the sales force that deliver 80% of the company's business.

Free up even a small percentage of your less productive 80% and the bottom line will look a lot better. Surprisingly, however, even your top 20% are likely to be carrying around inner blocks and limits to optimal performance that they are not aware of. This workshop can be a major breakthrough for your sales effort. Details...


Stress Free: Keeping Your Balance in the Midst of Change

Stress is in the nature of things. It is unavoidable. But how we respond to stress is the real issue. And this is a matter of perception, of our beliefs about what appears to be happening and about our ability to cope.

This workshop can alter forever your tendency to replay life's early tapes in experiencing negative reactions to stressful situations. You can learn to master stress, no matter how severe, and turn it to your advantage. Almost instantly. Details...

Health and Fitness

Creating the Mindset for Lasting Health and Fitness

Our mindset is crucial in creating and maintaining health and fitness. Diet, exercise, social position and other factors are also at work. But mindset is central.

Most people are carrying around negative and limiting influences at the inner mind level that either make them susceptible to disease and disability or keep them from realizing their own natural health and well-being. This workshop can determine what's at work in participants' psyche to keep them from being healthy and fit, and "fix it." Details...


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