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The Cameron Method: Permanent Improvement Programs

Cameron Method Workshops!

These are unique in their ability to provide participants with a truly new and effective method of controlling or improving basic mindsets. These positive changes can profoundly impact performance and relationships, both business and personal.

Each workshop focuses on a special area of management and employee concern: Leadership, teamwork, creativity, performance & productivity, selling & sales, handling stress, and healthful mindsets and habits.

These workshops provide a controlled, high-impact environment for participants to experience and benefit from the power of The Cameron Method.

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Is Anything More Important Than Job Proficiency & Technical Skill?

Leading employers say that in any position they’ll take an adaptable "people person" over a technically proficient worker. It is also people like this, executives have found, who are in much too short supply, with traits that cannot be trained into existence.

"We can teach programming, but we can’t teach personality and motivation", as a Fortune 500 human resources manager summarized the problem (quoted in Tammy Joyner's 11/18/99 article in the Atlanta Journal/Constitution about the recent Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce study looking at the needs of 40 major Georgia firms in eight key industries such as manufacturing, health care and services). is pleased to report that this is no longer true. We CAN "teach personality and motivation" and we can even do it with workshops and with interactive software.

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Good News for Innovative Corporate Leaders!

The Problem: People Are Not Consciously Aware of What Influences Them or Why

Most people are not aware of what really motivates them. Most are also unaware of what really keeps them from taking a desired action, or what to do about it. This can impede personal or professional improvement programs from achieving lasting results. These two facts cost companies millions.

The Solution: The Cameron Method

The Cameron Method's Ideomotor Signaling is clinically established and the most advanced way available of finding out real beliefs and opinions. It is simple, effective, and accurate.

The Cameron Method (CompuMind™ System) uses Ideomotor Signaling for in-depth personal consulting for people who seek to accelerate professional and/or personal achievement.

The Cameron Method also provides a simple, powerful strategy for making basic changes in counterproductive or limiting mindsets.It is available for use in telephone counseling, one-on-one in person sessions, workshops, and interactive software.

Career Development Coaching

Retaining and motivating people can make or break your business. By providing this unique career support to enhance their development, your company can minimize turnover. And it can do much more.

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