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The Cameron Method of
Creating Real Corporate Sucess

Your people are the key to success or failure. Retaining and motivating them, and helping them realize their true potential, can make the difference. By providing the right personnel support, your company can minimize turnover and accomplish much more.

The Expensive Challenge to Management
Employee turnover is costly. A 1997 survey of large U.S. companies by the American Management Association and the Saratoga Insitute found that more than 50% had recently lost so many talented people that their ability to compete had been severely compromised.

Turnover expenses represent as much as three times the annual salary for each vacated position. Costs go well beyond the costs of training replacements. They include lost revenue in sales and productivity as well as lost employee overtime for other works.

A December 1997 Coopers & Lybrand survey of employees during exit interviews found that 39 percent left for career development reasons.

Today's employees expect to be responsible for their own careers. In exchange, they expect companies to provide the information, tools, and support they need to manage their careers effectively.

The Role of the Mind and the Emotions
The human mind---and the elements that make it work---is at the center of all corporate decision making and action. And underneath, fueling the entire process, are human emotions. When the emotional life is handled well, things go well. When they are not, they don't.

You can think of emotion as E-Motion, or Energy for Motion. Nothing happens without it. The fact that so many of us are ignorant so much of the time of what our real emotional drives are, and what has caused them, merely serves to protect them, to keep them in place. Even when they are working against us. It also illustrates our natural capacity for self-deception.

We in the Western World have benefitted greatly from our model of Rational Man. But as the bloody chaos of the 20th Century demonstrates, we have also paid a heavy price for believing that we're cool rational thinkers.

Instead of just Intelligence, as measured in I.Q., what we can call Mature Intelligence is the key to a successful life. The focus is on the emotional life. Traits of Mature Intelligence include impulse control and self-awareness. They also include self-motivation, zeal and persistence. Finally, they include empathy for others and social deftness.

People with these qualities excel in life. They excel in the workplace as well as personal relationships. They evidence strong character and self-discipline as well as altruism and compassion. All these traits also contribute beneficially to society at large.

We are all at varying levels of being ready, willing and able to manifest these qualities. With Ideomotor measurement, each of us can determine exactly where we really stand on these crucial indicators. With Ideomotor analysis, our inner minds will then reveal precisely why our holdbacks are at work within us. With The Releasing Strategy, we can then get rid of those holdbacks to success.

The Power of the Mind Unleashed by Leadership
No matter what our Mature Intelligence Quotient or MIQ is right now, we each have the inherent ability to move all the way up to our own peak performance level. We can in fact learn what needs to be done and change what needs to be changed in order to do this.

With The Cameron Method, you (and your key employees) can now discover privately what hidden influences may have been holding you back or limiting you. Then you can actually release these negative forces from your subconscious, gaining a renewed clear mind, mental focus and inspired creativity.

In this way, leaders can help both themselves and their key people to realize natural potential and aptitudes. They can also do an ever better job of making and carrying out intelligent, far-sighted policies.

Productivity can soar. Human as well as customer relations can sparkle with a new quality of life. Creativity can blossom, while health problems and their expenses diminish, and absenteeism drops, along with unwanted turnover.

The Cameron Method of career development and support can directly impact your bottom line by motivating your employees to serve your customers well, be passionate advocates for your company, and bring their full energy and focus to the work they do.

The Cameron Method helps ignite this motivation and unleash its power. It helps your employees understand what inspires them, re-track their motivational goal focus, and re-identify with your company objectives. It reduces turnover to improve your bottom line.

Only one ancient but ever-present force can stand in the way of this surging progress as corporate leadership enters the New Millenium:--Fear. The Cameron Method with its CompuMind System specifically addresses the harmful, disruptive roles played by fear. It uncovers them, and dismantles them. Fear is the enemy. Know-how provides the solution.

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