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"Attitude over aptitude," at all job levels. Employers---whether high tech or low tech---want "self starters with can-do attitudes, who have good communication skills and who work well in teams and with diverse groups of people." This finding is from a recent study on job skills sponsored by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

Employers say theyíll take an adaptable "people person" over a technically proficient worker. It is also people like this, executives lament, who are lacking.

"We can teach programming, but we canít teach personality and motivation" as a Fortune 500 human resources manager summarized the problem (quoted in an article in the Atlanta Journal/Constitution about the study, November 18, 1999 by Tammy Joyner).

The Cameron Group is pleased to report that this is no longer true. We CAN "teach personality and motivation" and we can even do it with interactive software.

Employers Canít "Teach Personality and Motivation" But We Can.

Even though top management in all industries has long recognized that the most important single factor for success in every type of work is attitude, you will find virtually no "attitude training" attempted in any company. This is true even in sales, where it is recognized as bottom-line crucial.

As the Journal/Constitution article indicated, employers canít teach personality and motivation. These are qualities of attitude, and attitude is the tip of the personality iceberg. Below the surface are the hidden influences that ultimately get expressed in attitude and in the behavior it supports and reflects.

These fundamentals of attitude may be summarized as (1) beliefs and (2) habits. To improve attitude, and the performance associated with it, you must improve either or both of these. The results of negative thinking or a limiting attitude are easily seen. Habits are readily observable also, either by the individual or those who know and work with him or her. To make lasting positive improvement in personality and motivation, however, we use The Cameron Method and CompuMind Software to do two things:

  1. Uncover the inner beliefs and perceptual system(s) that determine attitude and behavior.
  2. Spotlight and assist in removing any causes of negative or limiting attitudes once they are uncovered.

Join The Program!

Join the program for improving corporate performance through individual attitude improvement. As your employees expand their positive attitudes, your company will reflect it in reduced stress (with lower stress related costs) and a more powerful, productive and creative workforce.

If your employees can use a computer in at least a rudimentary way, they can work with the CompuMind™ software. Regardless of their present status or history in your organization, all who use this software can achieve a measurable improvement in basic attitude and motivation. This can have far-reaching benefits in productivity, teamwork, and general well being. All of this will translate into improved profits and a more enjoyable life for all concerned.

How to Get Started?

  1. Contact us to set a meeting to discuss your specific needs and desires for your workforce. (This meeting can be via telephone if you are not located near Atlanta.)
  2. After this discussion, you select the group of employees you would like to join the program. Often, even a small reduction in the stress index or increase in positive attitude will show up as a gratifying improvement in the productivity of the group.
  3. We will provide a workshop for initial training and introduction to procedures. Participants will then proceed to work on their own with their software for a thirty day period. During this time, they will be able to contact their workshop facilitators with any questions or problems.
  4. Finally, we will provide a follow-up workshop to let participants share the gains they have made & consolidate the groupís improvements.

Further programs for your company

We will then be available for follow-up discussion with you to find what other groups of employees might best benefit from attitude improvement and stress reduction.

Call 770-333-0131 to discuss how this program can go to work for you. For more information about CompuMind™ software, click on software.

Additional information on The Cameron Method, its effectiveness in personal coaching and inquiry, and its CompuMindô applications in interactive and transformational software, may be found elsewhere in this Web site, together with testimonials from executives and professionals who have worked with it in person.

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