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CompuMindTM Interactive Psychological Software

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q. What is SalesPower?

A. SalesPower is an interactive computer program designed to enable the user to identify, quantify and remove subconscious blocks and limits to sales performance and enjoyment of life. The program is based on a psychological system called The Cameron Method which in computer format is called CompuMind.

Q. What does SalesPower do?

A. SalesPower enables you to make positive changes in your attitudes and responses, and therefore, your productivity and your life. You determine what changes you want made, then make them.

Q. How does it work?

A. This software program guides you in The Cameron Method's two complementary processes developed in clinical and industrial settings to uncover, measure and release negative or limiting mindsets.

The Indicator*

First you learn to use the Indicator--a natural, mechanical biofeedback device used to magnify micromotor movements sent from your inner mind through your fingertips. These movements bypass the conscious mind and without the magnification could not be observed. They enable you to question your inner mind directly, providing a positive or negative response.

The Indicator also permits percentage measurements of positive and negative emotional intensity using the Fan Graphic included with the software.

The Indicator was first applied in clinical use over 40 years ago by David B. Cheek, M.D., and psychologist Leslie LeCron. Over the past 20 years Sharon Cameron with her husband and colleague Dr. Clark Cameron, Ph.D., have further developed its power with the invention of the percentage system and Fan graphics.

After you record the responses from your inner mind to the program's questions, you can view your progress in graphic form on the screen. You can also print out your graphs at any time to keep a more permanent record. The software program saves a comparison of your last five graphs in any question group.

The Releasing Strategy

Once CompuMind has compiled and presented your inner mind graphs in any area, you can use the program's second important process: The Releasing Strategy. this process employs verbal statements linked directly to your negative blocks or mindset limits. In learning to use this strategy, you acquire a powerful tool that you can use throughout your life.

The Strategy is a simple, disciplined method for using the power of your own mind to change and improve itself. With The Releasing Strategy you can rapidly and easily alter your emotion-backed reactions to events & people, and optimize your positive attitudes.

Q. How do I know if I'm getting results?

A. CompuMind's detailed graphs deliver a unique visual evaluation of your inner mind's emotional positioning. They enable you to know exactly where you are at every point in your progress. You enter the data supplied in percentage form by your Indicator from your own responses. As your inner-mind progress is charted by CompuMind you will start observing key changes in your attitude and behavior. Performance gains follow.

Q. Where did CompuMind and SalesPower come from?

A. CompuMind is the computerization of The Cameron Method developed by Dr. Clark and Sharon Cameron. The Camerons developed their method over the past 20 years of professional practice first in Atlanta and from 1985-99 in Silicon Valley, benefiting many thousands of persons, including Nightingale Conant Corporation customers using Clark's audiocassette albums and others using Sharon's unique self-help book, Designing Your Heart's Desire: The Releasing Strategy, all distributed internationally. The Camerons have now returned to the Atlanta area.

The Cameron Method has been employed successfully for many purposes, including improvement in sales productivity, athletic performance, professional life, relationships, career changes, and a wide variety of health and physical problems. It is a powerful system that, once mastered, becomes a continuing support in the conduct of both business and personal life.

The CompuMind system is broadly based in the best of modern stress research, psychology, and peak performance coaching. SalesPower also draws on the teachings of masters in selling, persuasion and personal growth like Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Denis Waitley, Charles Garfield, Earl Nightingale, Maxwell Maltz and Napoleon Hill.

Caution: The Indicator is only appropriately used with the program as directed. Like any powerful tool, it can be misused. Follow the directions and you will avoid trouble.

SalesPower's Tutorial and the Instructions in the program, assisted by the videotape, will teach you what you need to know about working with the Indicator and Releasing. Its accompanying booklets provide additional depth in understanding these processes and how to use them. Further guidance is supplied in the program's Manual.

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