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Permanent Weight Loss

by Dr. Clark Cameron


Change Your Mind to Change Your Body

Diets don't work! But you can lose weight permanently. You may have already learned the bad news about diets the hard way. Sure diets work for a while. You may lose weight only to gain it back... and more often than not, you end up weighing more than you did to begin with.

The mere fact of starting a diet or exercise program causes the psychological tension that led you to diet in the first place, and hence undermines your need to continue it. And dieting lowers your body's metabolism - the very mechanism by which you begin to succeed.

The diet paradox is this... you begin to fail the moment you begin to succeed.

So how do you break out of this cycle and begin to change permanently? Discover how with Clark Cameron! Listen as he teaches you a proven system for experiencing vital, healthful weight-loss.

Permanent Weight Loss is a thought transforming program aimed squarely at the one part of our total reality that we can control: how we feel about aspects of our life and experience. You'll discover a process that is immediate, specific, verifiable, simple to learn, easy to use, and available to you under almost all circumstances. It does not require self-hypnosis or any form of meditation. It draws its transformational strength from the power of the spoken word to change the way you think about your experience.

Based on years of research in weight loss and other addictive behaviors, Permanent Weight Loss introduces one of the most revolutionary techniques in the field of applied psychology: The Releasing Strategy, an essential tool for breaking free from past conditioning and what it has done to you.

This remarkable new weight-loss system is designed with 5 basic purposes:
1. to change the way you feel about yourself and see yourself
2. to introduce practical ideas for handling your weight problem more effectively
3. to provide fresh new approaches to diet and exercise
4. to develop a stronger self-image
5. to change habits permanently.

The goal is to teach you to use this powerful technique in all kinds of situations without a facilitator or therapist. You'll learn to carry out a conscious override of an internal emotion-driven command... to block cravings and binges almost before they start.

With the techniques you'll learn in Permanent Weight Loss, you'll begin your new life and be on your way to a new body - breaking the diet cycle, losing weight an finally getting to the size that is healthiest for you.

Published in Nightingale Conant's INSIGHT magazine, Dr. Cameron wrote about Cultivating Your Personal Assets: FORMING GOOD HABITS

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