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SalesPower TM

The Challenge: Creating and Maintaining a Success Attitude

A critical factor governing sales as well as all performance is attitude.

Your attitude reflects your past learning, core belief systems and total life experience --- your unconscious mindset.

CompuMind's SalesPower software enables you to delve confidently below the surface of your mind to produce the changes that can yield and maintain a truly successful attitude. With this tool, you can fulfill your potential of consistent, high performance.

CompuMind SalesPower: Rapid, Measurable Change

Easy to install and use, the CompuMind SalesPower program provides:

The CompuMind Concept: Puts the Power in Your Hands

In complete privacy, you can now work with your own software program to explore your inner mind, find out what is really running there, and work on making the changes you desire.

You can release limiting core beliefs, perceptions, and judgments that are below conscious awareness. You can even change hidden unconscious programming formed in childhood or youth, that can be setting ceilings on your performance now.

With this state-of-the-art personal effectiveness software you can raise your sales performance and interpersonal relations to new levels and achieve the consistent success that you truly desire.

The power is now in your hands!

Origins of CompuMind

CompuMind brings to your desktop the culmination of over two decades of clinical experience in subconscious research and analysis by nationally known psychologists Clark T. Cameron, Ph.D., and his colleague and wife, Sharon Marshall Cameron, C.Ht.

CompuMind computerizes The Cameron Method, which has gained international recognition through distribution of Clark Cameron's audiocassette programs by Nightingale Conant Corporation, and of Sharon Cameron's book, Designing Your Heart's Desire: The Releasing Strategy

CompuMind brings this breakthrough technology for winning performance to the desktop privacy of your home or office to provide you a lifetime of personal success at your fingertips.

System Requirements

The system requirements for running the CompuMind SalesPower program are:

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