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If You're Not Paid to Sell,
What Does SalesPower TM
Have for You?

Since Plutarch ("Know thyself"), we have been admonished to know ourselves (Alexander Pope: "Know then thyself, presume not God to scan; the proper study of mankind is man.") Yet where has been the manual instructing us in how to carry out this essential enterprise? It now exists, fittingly enough for the computer age, in CompuMindTM. The flagship program of CompuMind is called SalesPower, since each and every one of us is constantly engaged, for better or worse, in "selling" ourselves, our ideas, our needs, plans, services, products, etc. to other people.

A leading do-it-yourself psychologist, Peter G. Cranford, drawing upon his 30 years of full-time private practice as a clinical psychologist, put the matter thusly in his book, How to Be Your Own Psychologist:

Almost everything you have or will get comes from the knowledge and skills of others. Your existence and your happiness depend largely on relatives, friends, neighbors, and all those who affect your physical and psychological well-being. Since this is true from the moment of your birth, anything that improves your ability to influence others or yourself improves your chances to survive and be happy... Everything you desire you must get either by influencing yourself or influencing others.

CompuMind will give you the tools of self-knowledge, self-improvement and self-transformation we all need to function at our optimum in our relationship with ourselves and with others.

At its most basic, Success in this world = Salesmanship. No matter how successful you have been in life to date, SalesPower will give you a permanent boost to new levels of interpersonal effectiveness.

Coming in 2007 - CompuMind MyInnerMind , a dramatic advancement over SalesPower.

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