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Summary of Designing Your Heart's Desire:
The Releasing Strategy

Introduction - Why Should You Read This Book? Why might you want to check this new strategy for changing your inner mindset and work on removing your imbedded blocks and limits? The answer: Because it offers a simple, powerful way to heal old wounds, handle present pains, and create a more rewarding life.

I - Birth of a Strategy for Change - What can it take to develop something truly helpful and important? The Camerons learned the hard way while developing The Cameron Method. What it took for The Releasing Strategy was almost weird.

II - The Mind Lever - The Releasing Strategy is a mind lever to lift the dross and dregs from your unconscious mind. This chapter demonstrates the consciousness-changing technique. How is it different from the other systems that have been traditionally used for mind change and improvement? Why it is faster and more effective than the others? This chapter explains it. It also presents and analyzes the four different forms of Releasing Statements.

III - Keys to Your Inner Mindset - How did you acquire the basic mindset(s) that make you who you are, for good or ill? This chapter tells you. It explains in detail the keys to our emotion-backed learning. These include: Identification (and Disidentification), Imprints, Benefits, and Self-punishment, Conflict, Experience, Organ Language, and Trauma. Influences from any one of these categories can be holding you back from reaching your potential in any life area.

IV - Releasing Your Parents - What is the MindMap of your Unconscious? How is it used? Why should you get rid of one of the most misdirecting sets of instructions in your inner mind---the negative perceptions & beliefs you still hold about your parents? This chapter gets down to business--perhaps the most important business you have to do in this life. It leads you through specific releasing to free yourself from all that continues to be harmful in your relations with your parents. You don't need to be unconsciously held back any longer by the carryover of your painful childhood (or later) memories and perceptions of your parents.

V - Freeing Yourself and Your Childhood - Was your childhood perfect, or even the way it should have been? Do you have to go on living with this imperfect set of crucial experiences? You do not! This chapter completes the work you did in Chapter 4. It leads you through the Why and How of releasing even deeply ingrained negative feelings and beliefs about yourself and how your childhood should have been different. Special help is provided for healing any harmful feelings of separation from a distant, cold, or angry parent.

VI - Consciously Creating Your Mate Relationship - This relationship is unavoidably, inevitably full of beliefs, attitudes and judgments that are rooted in previous relationships in both of your lives. This includes especially with parents! Your own past pairings of various kinds, and all the mate relationships you have seen, read about or experienced in any way, figure into the mix. That can be a heavy load! No wonder so many relationships flounder when there is any added stress, or after the honeymoon is over. This chapter guides you through the thicket of unconscious assumptions that can destroy a relationship before you even get it started. Releasing Statements are provided that can help you break free of old experiential quagmires so you can love and be loved.

VII - Sex, and What It's All About - There really are some basic differences between how men and women feel about sex and sexual relationships. Men say this chapter presents their point of view so women can "get it" and also helps them understand what is going on for the women in their life. You need to understand--and clean up--your own emotional programming about sex. You also need to comprehend your partner's perspective in order to have a happy life together. For creating sexual intimacy, and a long term satisfying relationship, this chapter is not only a must read, it is an essential "must do!"

VIII - Who's In Charge? (Power and Control) - Just thinking about the perennial issues of Power and Control can bring up the old song "If I ruled the world". That's all we want, isn't it? Just power and control over circumstances, health, other people, the way things work (or don't work), etc., etc. We want to feel that we can make a difference; that we have the power to do it; that we are not impotent little tadpoles, wriggling ineffectually in a cosmic puddle. We are all impotent, of course, in some ways. Even the most powerful among us cannot guarantee long life, perfect health, finding and keeping love. Releasing can ease these quintessential burdens of being mortal human clay. Check this chapter out!

IX - How To Stop Hurting (Physical Problems) - At least, you can ease your way through pain when it's unavoidable. Physical problems and pain seem grimly associated with our occupancy of bodies. It can be a two-way street. First there's the body problem. Then there's our psyche's reaction to this distasteful fact. Or, first there can be emotional stress, and then there is our bodily reaction to it. Ah, stress! It so often causes or at least supports physical troubles. It creeps upon us from so many areas of life! We almost always find that there are unpleasant emotional or psychological underpinnings complicating or creating physical problems or pain. This chapter can enable you to let go of them.

X - You Don't Have To Be Lonely - You are never lonely without having created a frame of reference for that loneliness. You have gotten the self-fulfilling belief in your inner mind that there is no one you want who cares about you in this world. Your belief in this sad situation will reflect back to you as the Awful Truth. Loneliness is focusing on your lack of the someone or ones you want in your life. You don't have to continue to harbor this ache. You can let it go with The Releasing Strategy right now! And you will be amazed what--and who--will happen when you do!

XI - Oh God! - Your inner beliefs and judgments about your perception of God have a great deal to do with your ability to enjoy feelings of safety, success, satisfaction and other positive emotions in life. The author takes you on a firewalk with her, and offers some hard-won ideas on the concept of a Higher Power, including an instructive look at the Garden of Eden metaphor. Release your negative beliefs and perceptions of God and find your life freer and more satisfying than you could have imagined.

XII - Letting Go of Job Stress - Stress on the job comes in many forms. You take with you into the workplace all your original training in your attitude toward authority, and your feelings about whether other people support your work or accomplishments. You also have sex specific and culturally specific beliefs about what is right for you to be able to do. You will be drawn to situations to match those beliefs. And it will seem that other people are doing it to you. Remove the inner beliefs and you don't have to stay in those negative situations anymore. You can find success and support and satisfying work. Different cases of stress are included. Aptitudes are considered.

XIII - Achieving Your Success - The author introduced The Releasing Strategy to150 people who were out of work during an early 90's recession in San Francisco. Talk about intense interest! In The Cameron Method, we teach that we all have perfect success capability. The problem is what are you being successful at? Are you creating a black cloud to wear over your head? Do you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Look inside. What does success really look like in your mind? Finding your true satisfaction is crucial! Learn the key to Superlearning. Included are directions for releasing your unique and previously too-successful blocks to creating the kind of success you really want.

XIV - Releasing Addictions and Compulsive Behavior - Do you have or is there someone you care about who has an addiction? What are you out of control in relation to? There are the well-known ones--alcohol, nicotine, other chemicals, and Illegal substances. How about that legal almost universal addiction caffeine? Is it giving your trouble? Can you even be addicted to poor relationship choices? Most of your addictions are likely to stem from decisions and judgments you made before you were conscious of what you were doing. Also, you can pick them up from the behavior and habits of people you once identified with. Letting go of those inner mind anchors enables you to break habits that have seemed invincible. You can do it with The Releasing Strategy.

XV - Making Affirmations Work - We have discussed some of the problems of Affirmations in previous chapters. Now, however, you can learn a way to make them really powerful! This chapter includes a multifaceted Prosperity Affirmation translated into effective inner mind language. It also includes additional selected Affirmations reconfigured to work for you in other areas of your life.

XVI - Handling Fears and Phobias - Confronting the demons of fear is never fun but you can do it when armed with Releasing. Clearing out your fear banks is perhaps the most important single thing you can do to create a worthwhile life for yourself and for those you care about. Stories of experiences with clients are included along with a demonstration of the fear-destroying power of Releasing you can learn to do yourself. You can see and feel the change in your own bodily reaction. Learn to use this tool when it's needed and it will help you stay free of fear---and of the damaging array of consequences it can bring with it.

XVII - It's a Wonderful Life - Let's say it can be. If you do it right. How about it? Do you have a mission in life? -Do you have one you believe is important, worthwhile and doable? Do you feel that you are moving toward fulfilling it? Do you feel you can handle the obstacles in your way? Can you enlist the support you need? Can you develop the habits essential to getting there? This chapter gives you insight and background on how you can have happiness and satisfaction and accomplish what you want in life. Releasing is included to help you find your life's ideal, define your purpose and be able to accomplish it.

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Designing Your Heart's Desire: The Releasing Strategy for Personal Power and Peace of Mind
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