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27 November, 2000 - Elections & Football

Inner Mind Update is the online newsletter published by Sharon & Clark Cameron to encourage and support your benefiting from the Releasing Strategy which is part of The Cameron Method. We focus on key developments and challenges of the mind, current affairs and life itself.

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Elections & Football

In the midst of conflict, can you depend on your team and your mission? Do you find yourself fighting within your group because you want to be "right?" Can you work with others for the good of the team, whether the team is a country, a governing body, a sport, a business, or a family?

With the election news, we have been given so many lessons, of history, of personal reactions, and seeing the nitty-gritty of human emotions. We have seen people attacking one another as if they were mortal enemies, and dehumanizing the other side to gain advantage.

Politics has always been this way as it involves power. People have always used shouting, slogans and spin to intimidate and manipulate others to their way of thinking. It works. That's why they do it. We forget the ugly fights when it's called history. Remember the things Lincoln was called as he ran for office?

The rhetoric has been interesting. Thank goodness that we are in this country. The words won't be backed up with vast rioting in the streets and military vehicles crushing democratic efforts. True, we heard Fidel Castro offered to have observers come from his country to help keep order, but then again, he probably was kidding.

We have an amazing system with the powerful balance of the Legislative Branch, the Administrative Branch and the Judicial Branch of government. It is fascinating to watch it play out, with the Legislative making the laws, the Administrative to carry out the laws, and the Judicial charged with interpreting the laws when there are conflicts.

Yes, we are a nation of law. We'd all like to be more aware of laws being created, but that takes a lot of time out of our lives. We count on the people in the government to do their jobs.

Regardless of how it plays out, one of the candidates will be sworn in to take the presidency and the leadership of one branch of our government. There will be negotiations for anything to be accomplished with the close balance in the House and Senate. Hopefully, they will be able to function to do some good work together. But it will be hard.

That's what I really want to talk about here. How do you get anything done if you have to work with people whom you don't like, or have attacked you previously? Maybe you were competitors for the same position. Maybe it is in a business or a nonprofit situation. You may have great passions about direction and mission to be accomplished.

Tremendous emotions have been brought out in all kinds of organizations. It's tough. Everyone is supposed to get along because you ostensibly see the world the same way and want the same outcomes. How will you get to where you want to go?

Let's look at where people make it work all the time, even though they may have personal differences, or even some amount of dislike for one another. It's a football team. I, (Sharon) have discussed football with a lot of women, explaining why it is such an advantage to think in football terms. Men have had an advantage for ages because they have historically used teams to accomplish things, from building to conquering.

Traditionally, women have not been greatly rewarded for teamwork. They have been rewarded for individual attractiveness. That's competitive and does not greatly encourage cooperation or negotiation skills.

In the vast history of civilization, a woman could only "win" because she was "chosen" by someone else who was powerful. There are more opportunities available now, of course, but it doesn't stop eons of thinking and experience.

To progress in business and society, women and men both need to think teamwork! When you need someone because of his/her abilities, and you want him/her with you on your team for the sake of the team, and the team goals, everything else fades away. We can overcome all sorts of distaste for an individual when we keep this point of view.

This whole idea was vividly portrayed in the recent movie, Remember The Titans. It is a moving account based on the true experience of a high school football team during an early desegregation effort, combining an historically all white with an all black school. This was complete with the black and white coaches having to work together for the first time.

Seeing these young people as well as the coaches, struggling with overcoming prejudices and really becoming one unit where each player counts on and cares about his teammates was wonderful. It's a movie where it has been said, "Men cry." When they see it, women do too.

It is a powerful expression of love overcoming fear and separation. Only by overcoming that separation can the team fully function, and win. So, if you are a woman, think like one of the guys! If you are a man, remember with your team, you can make things happen.

Let's use the Releasing Strategy on this from The Cameron Method, as described in the book Designing Your Heart's Desire: The Releasing Strategy, by Sharon Cameron. Say each statement aloud until you can say it easily.

Remember to enjoy today!
Sharon and Clark Cameron

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