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21 February, 2000 - Turning Point

Inner Mind Update is currently a free online newsletter, published monthly by Sharon & Clark Cameron to support your benefiting from the Releasing Strategy which is part of The Cameron Method. We focus on key developments and challenges of the mind, current affairs and life itself. The Cameron Method is available in CompuMind software, cassette tapes, the book Designing Your Heart's Desire: The Releasing Strategy and personal counseling. For more information, see .

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Turning Point

Do you need to make some change in your life? Do you need to do something you don't want to do? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to keep things the way they were? Or even the way you thought things would turn out?

When we come to a turning point--that moment that we make our decision to make a major change--we must use our will to make the choice. It gives us the ability to overcome the stress, the conflict of being pulled in different directions.

We can become free. We become lighter from having made the decision.

Conflict or stress is the feeling you get when you have two directions you want to go or need to go and aren't ready to let go of either.

Examples are:
I want it...I don't want it!
I love you...I want another.
It tastes good...It's full of fat with empty calories.
I want to trust you...You let me down.
I want to stay where I am...I can't afford to stay here.
I need this job...I hate this job.
I want to stay where I am...I want to move on.
I want to try something new...I want to be safe.
I want to stay where I know my way...I want to explore.

If we have our conflicting desires in perfect balance, we can spend our lives waiting to tip the scale one way or another. Life becomes constant stress.

In the book, Designing Your Heart's Desire: The Releasing Strategy, I (Sharon) tell of a former client who came to me when he was about to retire. He had a low level job, never using his college degree because he made a secure living (enough to get by). He hated it though, and yearned to be working in an interesting challenging place. He never married and was pretty much a recluse. He finally wanted to change his life. He had spent his whole existence being unwilling to act. Afraid to move out of his comfort zone, he was never actually comfortable. He was a tragic figure.

I will say that his plight was instituted in his earliest childhood. His family style was similar though not as pronounced. It was his perceptions and judgments about his family that led him down his sad path.

We all have some level of these tendencies. It's our earliest experience as we want to stay in the womb and we want to come into this world.

Enjoy today,
Sharon and Clark Cameron

The Cameron Group
Expanding Human Potential
"Attitude makes all the difference!"

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