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17 November, 1999 - Enjoy Today! (or Ted Turner is Right)

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Enjoy Today! (or Ted Turner is Right)

Plan as if you will be here forever and live today as if there will be no tomorrow.

Life satisfaction and happiness were brought to mind recently when I (Sharon) was listening to a friend tell me one more time why he wasn't ready to change his habits to be healthier (and more fit). I heard again his aggravation that his life was just not satisfying enough yet to endure what he believed would be the discomfort of the changes that were necessary.

I suddenly saw the image that life is like a movie. The only difference is that you never know when the director is going to say, "Cut and that's a wrap!" None of us know for sure when our story is done. And all of our "important" issues start to look a little silly when we note that we might be in our last scene.

Ted Turner expressed a marvelous thought along these lines in an interview with Don Melvin of the Atlanta Journal Constitution (Pg. 1, Nov. 11, 1999), while he was traveling on a bus to a mine field in Mozambique. This trip was involved with the billion dollar donation that he is making to the U.N.

He didn't want to die like Scrooge might have before he was transformed. He mentioned the sad ending of the wealthy publisher in the classic movie Citizen Kane. He is quoted in the article as saying,

'There he was, by himself, no wife, no nothing--stinker! When he died, nobody gave a damn. One of his employees came in and pulled a sheet over him and nobody was there. I don't want to die like that--all alone, nobody there to mourn your passing--you know, gotta hire your pallbearers.'

Turner's efforts to help humanity and the world with his fortune are pretty awe inspiring, but even more important in the long run, is his encouraging other rich people to compete at giving instead of just possessing more money. What an idea. What a marvelous person!

There is no question he will be greatly mourned and missed when he goes. This is not just because he has been so generous, but because he has cared and has attempted to do something about it. It is the caring and the attempt part that we can all emulate even without money. We don't have to wait till we are rich to participate!

Again, this is something we can all do. We can each note where we can be of help and then do the best we can to give assistance. Not only will we have people who care when we depart this earth, but we also will find great satisfaction when we help someone else.

Our lives become more than just about ourselves and our desires when we do this. We become useful. It makes a difference when we are there to help at the right moment.

Each time someone asks us for help, we are given an opportunity to find broader meaning in our existence. We should always be grateful for that opportunity.

If your story ended today, where would you have made a difference? What would you have appreciated? Who would you have been glad to know? Who has loved you and whom have you loved? Who would be sad not to have you around? Who would miss you? Will you need to hire pall bearers?

For your immediate happiness, what special moments have moved you to take mind pictures so you will never forget? There have been some of these opportunities lately with the beautiful fall days and impressive splashes of color in the trees.

The daily changes and even the changes through the day from the different angles of the sun make us want to run for a camera or store up pictures in our minds as we drive along in the countryside.

There is beauty in each different environment. The San Francisco Bay area of Northern California is special in many ways, but the North Georgia countryside is also spectacular.

I'll bet your location is beautiful in unique ways too. Look around, and think about it.

Finally, as wonderful as the scenery is, seeing the joy of a toddler experiencing her first slide with a whoop into her mother's arms is wonderful! Truly, one way to savor unabashed joy is to observe a kitten, a

puppy or a baby. There was a time when you felt that safe and loved and confident of your world. Hold that thought.

Use The Releasing Strategy to help find joy and satisfaction in your world today. Repeat each statement until you can say it easily.

Enjoy today,

Sharon and Clark Cameron

P.S. I (Sharon) will next be speaking about The Releasing Strategy, used here and in my book Designing Your Heart's Desire as well as in our CompuMind Software, at the meeting room of the Life Bookstore, Thursday, December 9, 1999, at 6:30 p.m. in Marietta Georgia. We'll be going more in depth about using the technique to have Stress Free Holidays. Call 770-977-9583 for directions to 1453 Roswell Road, Marietta, GA 30062.

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