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17 March, 1999 - Making it Happen

Regardless of what seems to be going on, do you realize that you are making things happen? Do you know you have real power and control? Do you know you are a winner when you focus your direction? Consider it.

You do know it's a mindset! You know that you are or can be qualified to be successful in a way that is satisfying for you. You have the power to accomplish what you want if you will keep your focus and do what it takes to get the tools you need to do it.

Look at successful people being interviewed every day. Look at successful people you know. Don't give up just before you get to the finish line. There is the right time for you.

In the day to day drip or flood of depressing news and challenging events in life, we may become cynical to protect ourselves from disappointment. That's what cynicism is - fear dressed up to look smart. We can appear to be in control, and feel in control.

There seems to be an excess of cynicism around these days (or maybe we are more aware of it as we get to see so much in the media). Cynicism can also come from the pain we have felt when having a setback. We didn't accomplish what we thought we should have been able to.

We may hear the voice in our head saying that we just can't win. It's that same belief in disappointment causing the need to be cynical. It's why some of us seem unable to see a happy ending even when there is one.

On the other hand, you might look at the fact that you have been doing the very best you could and the good you desire just hasn't manifested in your life... yet. It can be simply a matter of timing. Grand efforts can require more patience.

Just keep these thoughts as you move through your day: Nothing can make you give up! Nothing has the power over you to defeat you in the long run from your right goal! Only you yourself can give up. You are at choice!

And use The Releasing Strategy described in the book Designing Your Heart's Desire by Sharon Cameron to support you as you move to the position of power and with it the satisfaction that you earn. Repeat each statement only until you are able to say it easily.

Enjoy your accomplishment!
Sharon and Clark Cameron

The Cameron Group
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