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31 January, 1999 - It's A Mystery

In the wonderful movie, Shakespeare in Love, the character played by Geoffrey Rush constantly reassures other characters in the movie that one dilemma after another in the production of their play (being written by Will Shakespeare) will be resolved perfectly.

Now these dilemmas range from no money to pay actors, to the playhouse being threatened with shut down, to Shakespeare's having a writer's block. As Rush is speaking as the owner of the playhouse, others listen with respect and finally ask, "How will that be?" He answers again and again, "I don't know. It's a mystery!"

This is a powerful idea to keep in mind as we face challenges. Surely we all have been told time and again to have faith. Yet our logical minds can drive us to distraction over just this thought. "How will it happen? How will we be saved?" As disaster looms, we cry to see our escape!

How can I get well? How will I ever get over the pain of injury or recover from an illness? How can I recover from the pain of lost love? How can I ever conquer my bad habit? How can I get the great job I want? How can I make the business deal that will sustain my business? How can I win in love or war or business or life itself?

In response to challenge, our minds respond with different hopeful scenarios of how things can work out. We may even find our dreams coming up with one plan or another that can help us. And as we have past experience as well as other beliefs that we draw upon, we may feel comfortable or not with those predictions.

For instance, attempting to achieve success in an area where we have never accomplished it before can trigger justifiable qualms that we might not make it this time. It can make us lose confidence and even give up just as we are about to triumph in the last few moments of the race.

This is the beauty of the quote in the movie. Success goes against experience as we are watching it, but we are reassured that the playhouse has been successful in the past at putting on plays. So even though it is against all current indications, there is some past known experience that this character is drawing upon.

We suggest this is why and how you can sustain faith while you are being tested against all seeming odds, or even if you are simply frustrated trying to learn something new. We did speak about this in one of our former newsletters, but it deserves repeating. Life is full of challenges and one way we can keep ourselves from winning is if we give up too soon.

So try thinking this thought as you have a problem. "This problem will be overcome and I don't know how. I don't have to know how. It is all right that it is a mystery!"

And use The Releasing Strategy to help give your mind support with this different way of thinking. Repeat each statement until you can say it easily:

Enjoy your mystery!
Sharon and Clark Cameron

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