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The Cameron Method - Newsletter Archive

21 September, 1998 - Feeling Conflicted?

In the Inner Mind Update, we really don't like to get into politics, but America's mental landscape is rife with conflicts about it lately. So, how can we be of help during this stressful time? If you are not in the U.S., please forgive the obsession with this issue. Possibly there is some perplexing or stressful governmental problem in your country that you want to deal with.

A piece of advice we can offer to help you keep on track, is to suggest that you avoid making upsetting judgments about the situation. Remember, "This too shall pass." Regardless of pundits' shocking pronouncements, we will all get through this too.

We each can help our community by remaining calm. Here in the U.S., regardless of your current fears and frustrations, do get informed about the people who will want your vote shortly. More importantly, note how he/she has been voting for or against your interests and those of your community and country.

Perhaps, with all the hoopla going on, people will start to become more politically aware, and vote for the candidates whose programs and vision they agree with. They say only 35% of the electorate votes. Will you take part this time? Some politicians don't even want you to vote at all.

Remember too, candidates can say all sorts of things in campaigns, but we must pay attention to what their records have been. What votes have been going on now while we have been so distracted?

One well-known economic expert said recently that the Stock Market loves gridlock in our government. It provides a kind of stability.

This means that the power in government is somewhat balanced. However, if either party gets too much power, then havoc can be wrought. We could be in danger of having a lopsided parliamentary form of government.

So keep calm and remember especially to vote this time. And to help you keep your own balance, use The Releasing Strategy along the way. Repeat each statement until you can say it easily.

Have a great day,
Sharon and Clark Cameron

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