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29 August, 1998 - Survival Secret

We recently watched an episode of the TV show Unexplained Mysteries. It showed three amazing experiences of people who survived challenges when scientifically they shouldn't have been able to.

One experience was that of two Eskimo friends. We tuned in at this point, so we must give a disclaimer as to names and exact places. One man had fallen through the ice with his sled and his friend was able to escape but unable to get him out.

Now this was obviously freezing cold water, and after trying for some time to pull him out, his friend had to leave him there floating and hanging onto his sled, while the friend walked seven miles back to their village to get help. The friend walking was wet and nearly succumbed to hypothermia before he made it to the village after four hours en route.

Amazingly, when the villagers raced to where the victim had been left, he was still alive and later recovered completely. One trick he used which he had learned from an elder in his village was to tell himself that the water wasn't really cold. He consciously used his mind to change his perception of the temperature. He was also determined that he would not die and would see his family again. It was an incredible act of will. Another interesting point mentioned was that he was not afraid. He had lived in this environment all his life and in this emergency, identified himself as a bear going into hibernation.

Another example was that of a 10 year old autistic boy who lived next to a swamp. He loved to swim and float down the stream there, and the whole family enjoyed this activity. This time, he floated off downstream at the end of the afternoon... and never got out as the other children did.

They searched all they could and finally were assisted by military troops from a nearby base. The swamp was full of alligators, snakes and a myriad other ways for the boy to be killed. He was missing for four days, including two days of rain storms. The searchers by this time believed it would be impossible to find him alive. Suddenly he was discovered fourteen miles downstream--and alive.

It seems he had continued to float along the whole time. No predators had bothered him. He only had scratches on his body and a little sunburn on his face. Since this child was autistic, he could not communicate much about his experience, but his mother said that the one thing she knew was that he was not afraid. He was probably more frightened by the searchers calling out for him. He completely identified with his watery environment and felt safe in the water.

The third adventure was that of a man who sailed a record distance in a five foot enclosed capsule sailboat. Again, this man was at home in his environment. Even though he lost the ability to get air circulated for more than three hours at a time, lost 34 lbs in the effort, and arrived very weak, he said he was never afraid he wouldn't make it. He loved the sea and the challenge, and was sure that whatever it took, he would not only be able to survive but succeed.

As a researcher pointed out in the program, the constant for all the survivors was the freedom from fear.

What challenge do you face today? Maybe it is life threatening, or maybe it is career threatening or relationship threatening. Whatever it is... you can survive if you keep away from any fear about it! Life is full of challenges, and if you think back, you have been able to handle some type of problem like this before. We are always learning refinements in our ability to handle things.

Let's use the Releasing Strategy here too. Repeat each statement until you can say it easily.

Have a great day,
Sharon and Clark Cameron

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