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23 July, 1998 - It's A Laugh!

Have you noticed that you may be obsessing in your work, or even your play? Come to think of it, do you have any play time? When we speak of playing, we don't mean competitive sports (which can be much more serious than official work). We mean simply, some time that you become a child again, doing something "just for fun."

Seems almost sinful doesn't it? Don't let anyone at work see you reading about such stuff.

We have just come across another interesting book titled, "Totally Useless Office Skills: 75 Great Ways to Play at Work." by Rick Davis.

It is a dandy way to give yourself what might be called, in NLP, a "pattern interrupt." And we think that the whole world could use more of this. It seems as if people, in general, grumble a lot. And take offense a lot. And come up with more disagreeable feelings than happy ones.

Is the whole world complaining? Is it that everyone feels they must attack or criticize everyone else before they get it themselves? Have you listened to the general run of talk shows?? Have you listened to the news shows? Whew... It can make you feel like running away. Or at least going back to childlike activities of doing some "totally useless" things.

Davis' criteria for his accepted skills include: It has to be fun; it has to be easy to do. It has to be safe, non competitive and non-addictive. It can't require any special material. And it must have no redeeming value other than momentary entertainment.

He even has a web site for the Institute of Totally Useless Skills at where a new skill is posted every weekday.

One last thought on what we said about the talk radio and the negativity of news. We must say again that there is one exception to it. In the San Francisco Bay Area it is KBPA at 1220 AM. It is called "Personal Achievement Radio" and features excerpts from Nightingale Conant audio albums. (They often include excerpts from Clark's album titled "Permanent Weight Loss"). They also have a station in the Los Angeles area and in other parts of the U.S. Check the listings in your own area.

The format is to give 21 minute segments that focus on different areas of interest, such as economics & success, health, and relationships. You can hear several authors on any one subject. The station is a tonic of positive suggestions, and attitudes.

Let's see how we can use the Releasing Strategy here too. Repeat each statement until you can say it easily.

Have a great day,
Sharon and Clark Cameron

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