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14 May, 1998 - Bouncing High - Inner Resilience (Part. 3 of 3)

In the last two newsletters, we have looked at the first two of three mind focusing classic questions from the fine book "How High Can You Bounce?" by Roger Crawford. As we said, the book spotlights the important trait of inner resilience.

The first two questions were "Where are you coming from?" and "How long have you been there?" The final life important question is:

Where are you going?

Take stock to see if the direction you are going is taking you toward the target you want. There is another older little book very helpful in this area titled If You Don't Know Where You're Going, You'll Probably End Up Somewhere Else. It was written by David Campbell, Ph.D. who was also co-author of the Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory Test.

The Campbell book is about career choices and what those choices mean for your particular personality and interests. Again, the point is that if you take stock of the direction you are headed, you can make a more conscious choice about where you will end up.

Another helpful book in this area is the wonderful one on aptitudes by Margaret Broadley titled "Your Natural Gifts" about the testing provided at the Johnson O'Connor Foundation. By the age of fourteen, all your aptitudes ave emerged and can be tested. This is a major key to your feelings of satisfaction in your work, and your ability to be successful in any area.

It is incredibly important to know what your aptitudes are and are not. And there is a fairly simple way to test yourself in a general sense in a particular area. Simply ask yourself, "Is this something I really enjoy?" An area of high aptitude will seem to be a perfectly natural and normal place to have fun. And you will think it should be just as easy for anyone else. It will be hard to realize that it is even anything special. But it is special. (As they say, "Easy for you!")

For you to excel in an area where you have low aptitude is very difficult. You can do it, but it is always with some struggle and attempts at avoidance. You can feel as the famous motivational author and speaker, Denis Waitley did when trained as a naval pilot. He was able to do it, but it never felt natural for him. He was a mentally conscious pilot. He could not possibly feel like the plane was a part of him as the best pilots did.

Now he travels the world doing motivational speaking and teaching many months of the year… essentially because he loves to do it. He has sold over 10 million books and over a million audio albums. He very successfully developed his real aptitudes in his work.

If you are not making use of your aptitudes, or you are trying to force yourself to work with talents you do not possess, go ahead and use these samples of The Releasing Strategy to help you go where you want to go!

Repeat aloud each statement once, or until you can say it easily:

Have a great day,
Sharon and Clark Cameron

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