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21 April, 1998 - Bouncing High - Inner Resilience (Part. 2 of 3)

We quoted in the last Newsletter the first of three life-focusing questions from the fine book "How High Can You Bounce?" by Roger Crawford. As we said, the book spotlights the important trait of inner resilience. That first question was "Where are you coming from?"

The second deceptively simple, life-important question is:

How long have you been there?

How long have you been dwelling in the realm of beliefs, perceptions and judgments that have been limiting you? Recognize your pre-programmed limits in your mind. Your rational mind will always try to do its job and rationalize them, to make sense for you.

Haven't you noticed in other people that they always believe they have a rational reason for their behavior? From being late, to being selfish or even cruel, there is always a "good reason." Often, it is supported by the belief that it's the way it's always been, at least in that person's section of reality.

Length of time comes under the heading of Experience in our system of analysis. So, you can be stuck again or still, because that's just the way it has been! It's your experience. (This last statement can be used for justification of any mindset.)

There have even been motivational trainings based upon your experience being your only true reference point. Heaven help us if that is so. You can stay stuck in any limiting mindset if it is.

But go ahead now. Think of a limiting perspective that seems normal to you, and ask the question. How long has it seemed that way for you? How long have you been there? And remember you don't have to stay there any longer!

Try The Releasing Strategy on this.

Repeat aloud each statement once or till you can say it easily:

Have a great day,
Sharon and Clark Cameron

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