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It is wonderful for any of us when we feel in control... of our lives, of ourselves. It is a way for us to feel safe. And safe is not what this world is about. So we strive for it trying to learn everything we can about any particular person of power or situation that can affect us. We don't want to be fooled. We don't want to be taken advantage of. We don't want to feel stupid. We don't want to lose. We want to keep our place or advance in our particular pecking order. We also want our heros and leaders to win. They represent us.

You can certainly see this idea with the Super Bowl. If neither team is from our area, we avidly study the stars. We watch them interviewed, try to understand their personalities, abilities and character. When we make our choice, they become our champions on the field. It is almost like war... though in war, our soldiers can be charged with treason if they go over to another team for a better offer. Ah, the good old days.

It was a wonderful feeling (unless you're a Packer fan) seeing the underdog Broncos win the Super Bowl. Elway said afterward that it was about all the years of hearing that they couldn't do it. All the jeering at them... The three Super Bowls with no win for him. What a heart stopper. We found ourselves not wanting to get too excited about it while we were watching though. After all, they could disappoint again, so best not to get hopes too high. By the fourth quarter, we were cheering loudly. They had already achieved the breakthrough. They had a chance, so they deserved our full support and lung power focused at the TV set. It is the David and Goliath syndrome. If someone wins against the terrible odds, maybe we can too.

Anyway, this is also part of why we can worry about the Presidency and hope for the best. Stephanie Salter, in her column in the San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner, Sunday, January 25, compared it to rooting for the fox against the howling hounds.

Whether we voted for him or not, the President is the one representative that stands in for the whole country. He represents all of us. If he is humiliated, we are humiliated. If he gets us into a war, the people have to fight. If he mishandles the markets, we can move into a recession. We can get angry over a person in Congress or the Senate, and so what? They may be from another part of the country. They also represent the special interests that have funded their getting elected. Of course, the president has that problem too, but he doesn't make the laws. He only has veto power. This particular President has had most of his Judiciary appointments held up for years also, so he is unable to affect that branch of government the way other Presidents have. Now as he loses constitutional power and protections, we can individually lose protections. It is logical to worry when this branch of government is badly eroded.

The Cameron Method's Releasing Strategy can help you to ease your mind about any events or relationships affecting you. It can work to repair, strengthen and protect your mind against any assault, even fears about our government's foibles and our country's future. Don't look to news broadcasters or talk shows to give you any solace. They are geared to produce fear and the startle effect so you will have to pay attention to them… And so they will keep their ratings and their jobs.

So go ahead and try creating a little peace of mind here. (Say aloud:)

Have a great day,
Sharon and Clark Cameron

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