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10 December, 1997 - Are You Ready?

We are often asked if The Cameron Method and its Releasing Strategy really "work." And, can we guarantee it? Of course we cannot. And the main reason we can't has nothing to do with the method itself. Various emotional interventions work. Visualization works, and affirmations will work to some degree. But no intervention will be permanent, or of deep impact if you are not ready to make the change.

This was brought to mind recently, when I (Sharon) was talking with a friend of ours on the east coast. She asked me what I thought of a motivational speaker she had recently seen. She said she found herself being very attracted to the man after watching him for some time in a video. She was very surprised as she did not think he was good looking at all initially. I laughed when I heard about it and explained that this particular speaker uses hypnotic techniques constantly. She was in a light suggestible state, and he was selling himself and his methods throughout. (Please remember the definition of hypnosis is: "focused attention, open to suggestion.")

We are all in a hypnoidal state many times daily, driving, listening to the radio, watching television, and movies. Whenever you put your conscious mind on hold, your mind relaxes into an open altered state. So, please, watch where you park your conscious mind! Try not to listen to negative talk radio, or even too much "news". Use positive thinking tapes, and read inspiring stories, and if you have a Personal Achievement Radio station available (there is one in Palo Alto, CA), listen to their positive output. Protect your inner mind, or else you will have to deal with the depressing thoughts and even worse coming out of the garbage that can float on in.

This friend brought up a relevant experience she had with hypnosis years ago. She had always had very negative judgments about her mother (now deceased) and had blamed her for her own limitations in life. Our friend had been working with hypnotic techniques with a therapist, and practicing a visualization process. She said she unexpectedly found herself "sending very schmaltzy, lovey cards" to her mother (who was on the other side of the country). Her mother was thrilled and wrote back loving notes and cards in return.

Our friend, however, may have been led to the water, but she wasn't ready to drink. She became "uncomfortable" and told the therapist she didn't like what was happening. She stopped the therapeutic exercise, and relapsed into her victim status. There she stayed for many more years as she continued her inner struggles and worked with various therapies to resolve it.

This is a great example of why therapies of all kinds may or may not work with any particular client. If you have a negative block, who do you think put it there? Did an alien just come along and insert the negative judgment into your mind? Hardly. And since it comes out of your beliefs, perceptions and judgments... you believe it has to be accurate and justified. After all, it is based on your perceptions of TRUTH! The self-manufactured truth, that at some point in time you wired into your emotional circuitry.

Remember too, if you are holding negative feelings about anyone who has been or is important to you, you are likely to put yourself into other situations and relationships that are similar so you will get an opportunity to heal the original wound. That is just how our minds work. We crave resolution.

Cameron Method recommendation: Use the Releasing Strategy on the negative beliefs that are blocking your success in any area now. You will need to have a reason to do it. Try thinking how much lighter you might feel if you didn't have to carry around all the baggage.

Any negative belief is in there with your permission from some point in time, and your need or desire for it. (We call it a Benefit.) It may be justification for your victim status in life. It may be justification for other failures. It must be working for you in some way, or you would be eager to let go of it. Try it, and observe how hard it is to do with one of those issues. Your willingness to change your thinking is the challenge to this fast-acting Strategy as well as long-term therapies.

So give it a try. Give yourself a present. Sit back, take a deep breath, and let it go!

Until next time, the best to you,
Sharon and Clark Cameron

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