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The Cameron Method - Newsletter Archive

28 September, 1997 - How's Your Mindset for... Health & Healthy Living?

Quote of the Week: "Seventy-four percent of the complaints patients bring to medical clinics are of unknown origin and are probably caused by 'psychosocial' factors" according to a study by the Armed Services. "Other studies indicate that between 60 and 90 percent of all our population's visits to doctors' offices are stress-related and probably cannot be detected, much less treated effectively, with the medications and procedures on which the medical profession relies almost exclusively. " Herbert Benson, M.D., (Timeless Healing: The Power and Biology of Belief, Scribner, NY, 1996, pp. 49-50.)

Comment: Your subconscious mindset plays a crucial role in determining your well-being on the one hand, or your susceptibility to disease or injury on the other. If you want to optimize your chances for a long and enjoyable life in a physically sound body, uncover and remove any fear-based negative beliefs encoded in your inner mind!

How do these "hidden negatives" work? One great way for your subconscious to produce misery and affliction is called Self-Punishment. Don't rule yourself out on this one. The entire human race is absolutely expert at it. Ask yourself, Who's the world's leading expert on WHY you should be punished? (You are!) And who's the world's leading expert on the best way(s) to do it? (You are!) And the sources of your need for good old SP are as diverse as the human race and its delinquencies and guilts. For example, try loss of an important sale or business deal, marital infidelity, financial problems, family/children problems, even failure to lose weight or to exercise.

Equally, there's an almost endless list of the ways in which we can and do punish ourselves - by getting sick, having "accidents," hurting ourselves, hanging onto harmful habits, and again, being unable to lose weight or get in shape. Your subconscious is a total genius at figuring out & using the most appropriate, effective ways to punish you for your transgressions, whatever their nature or severity.

From the file of The Cameron Method: We always recommend that clients with physical problems check first with their physician to find the physical bases. However, we have found that the widest possible range of medical problems can have either their origins or support mechanisms in the human psyche. To liberate the full self-healing power of the human mind/body, cleaning up your hidden emotion-based negatives is essential.

We have had clients with all kinds of unique reasons to punish themselves with health problems. The reasons ranged from not being able to speak up on some subject in second grade to an inner belief that they had broken one of God's laws. One reason was from not being able to please a mother by being the best violin player in class competition and another from having sexual feelings they "shouldn't have."

Reasons for self-punishment are, of course, completely subjective. If you were to make a conscious judgment on whether it is reasonable for someone else to be punished for the same transgression, you would usually say no. But your inner mind judgments can be much more strict about you than you would ever consider being about anyone else.

Though it is almost impossible for you to consciously know all the reasons you have in your subconscious for needing or wanting to be punished, think about what you might perceive yourself to be guilty about. Release those influences lurking in your psyche before they attack your health and well-being. Don't wait for them to pounce; you strike first instead! You can be healthy and almost stress free regardless of outside circumstances.

Until next time, the best to you,
Clark and Sharon Cameron

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