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6 September, 1997 - How's Your Attitude About...
Accepting The Unacceptable?

With the sad news this past week of the untimely death of Princess Diana, we have all had ample opportunity to turn within to ponder our own feelings about life's endings and our acceptance of loss. There is nothing so final as death. There is no going back and saying "Don't get into that car..." But there is more here.

We have noticed some very interesting and moving things about the reactions of other people, as well as our own, to Diana's death. Almost everyone related to her on some level for all kinds of reasons. Some people focused on the mother role, and some the fashion trendsetter. We were impressed with the good she was accomplishing in the world by focusing her spotlight, and touching the untouchable in various desperately needy charities.

There are many rich, beautiful women in the world. There are many celebrities. There are even quite a few "royals." Diana became the carrier of the dream of Good winning out and helping others. She had become the powerful one stooping to lift the weak and helpless.

Certain people are in a position to become mythic symbols. Someone on the radio commenting about her death spoke of the "fallen Princess." We were surprised to hear this label. This is the description of the Hero's death. The death of the protector of the country. The Hero is "fallen" when he is unhorsed in battle. Where was the "battle" that this woman fought?

Her battles, after her own to become her own person, were to help the poor, sick and neglected. Her battle was to bring love to people, especially children. People have been responding in kind to her loss.

Diana has been accomplishing and will continue to accomplish great things even after her death. The 44 charities she supported will be continually funded by a foundation in her name.

One person said that Diana had shown us that kindness can become a way of life. Let us remember that as we deal with one another. Let us be kind.

From the file of The Cameron Method:

Sometimes we work with a client on the issue of accepting the unacceptable. Sometimes that issue is death. Sometimes it is some other kind of loss. It can be loss of a relationship, loss of a job or career, or loss of a dream.

This is when The Releasing Strategy that we use in The Cameron Method can be especially helpful. It is a method for "letting go" on the inner mind level. For example, simply say either to yourself, or preferably out loud:

"I release my belief, perception and judgment that I can't accept this situation."
"I release my belief, perception and judgment that this fact or situation should not have happened."
"I release all fear of this fact, or situation."
"I release all unwillingness to let go of my resistance to this fact or situation."
"I release my belief, perception and judgment that I won't survive this loss."
"I release all unwillingness to keep on living and taking on new challenges."
"I release my belief, perception and judgment that good doesn't win out in the end."
"I release my belief, perception and judgment that I can't trust life."
"I release my belief, perception and judgment that I won't win and be happy in the end."

Try it yourself on some pain that you feel you can't let go of. Try releasing it and you will find a surprising new freedom is now in your control.

Until next time, the best to you,
Clark and Sharon Cameron

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