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Focus Groups of the Future

With Ideomotor Signaling, researchers can actually question the inner minds of Focus Group Subjects directly while they are in a completely conscious, interested state.

You can even gain accurate percentage readouts from their inner minds, measuring their true positive and negative feelings---the hidden unconscious feelings---about any topic of interest.

Let's say you want to get reactions to a projected new TV commercial. Consciously, your Focus Group subjects may think it's fine. But Ideomotor questioning at the inner mind level tells a different story. Your subjects actually feel the commercial is unacceptable. With Ideomotor Analysis you can even find out how strongly they feel this way and why.

Or perhaps your agency has come up with a new approach to marketing one of your most humdrum but profitable products. You may be unimpressed by the story board presentation, but agree to run the concept past a Focus Group. Bingo! Ideomotor questioning leaves no doubt. It's a winner whose emotional appeal completely bypasses educated conscious reasoning. It it really works. Ideomotor analysis can also reveal exactly why.

The data needed for both evaluation and analysis can normally be gathered in one Ideomotor Focus Group session.

The Magic of Ideomotor Research

Over the past four decades, Ideomotor Signaling, a powerful tool for uncovering and analyzing the human subconscious, has been developed and employed in clinical hypnotherapy.

Early pioneers were David B. Cheek, M.D., gynecologist and surgeon, and Leslie LeCron, clinical psychologist. Both were renowned clinical hypnotherapists and authors of numerous scientific publications that reported their methods and results to the medical and psychotherapy communities.

Building on the Cheek-LeCron technology, starting over twenty years ago, Clark T. Cameron, Ph.D. and Sharon Marshall Cameron, C.Ht., took Ideomotor Signaling and Questioning into new dimensions of effectiveness. They developed a simple fan-graphic process for obtaining rapid percentage and analytical readouts from the inner mind regarding its emotional contents and responses.

The Camerons found that, with few exceptions, people could be trained in minutes to let their minds provide these percentage revelations.

For the true meaning of anything to a person you must turn to that individual's inner mind. The Cameron Method can question it directly about both motives and meanings and you can get the results in simple, understandable, quantified form.

The Potential for Ideomotor Focus Group Research

Ideomotor Focus Groups will be used during the new millennium to provide immediate, powerful insight into people's motivation and symbology, far exceeding current approaches.

These groups can be invaluable in corporate decision-making about media form, content and strategies.

They can also assist in understanding both consumer and employee responses to corporate policy and the corporate environment. They can assist with any psychological aspects of a company's interaction with its significant publics. Finally, they will permit significant insights of a depth and on a scale previously unknown.

For More Information About Ideomotor Focus Groups and Research....

To learn more, or to experience Ideomotor Questioning for yourself or one of your executives, call Clark or Sharon Cameron at 770-333-0131.


Additional information on The Cameron Method, its effectiveness in personal coaching and inquiry, and its CompuMind applications in interactive and transformational software, may be found elsewhere in this Web site, together with testimonials from executives and professionals who have worked with it in person.

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