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Email Hoaxes, Scams, Phony Viruses and More

Hoaxes and email scams are such a drain on time and energy. It is so aggravating when we think we are helping in some way and then learn that it was another scam. Or worse, we never catch on and continue the chain "forwarding it on" to all our friends online.

As a public service to our friends on the Internet, we are providing a list of sites that expose these frauds. We have searched these out and have found them most helpful. Some have a broad focus while others stick to certain categories.

We will add more as we find them. If you find one that is helpful to you, please send it along to us here and if it is not duplicating another, we will add it on.

If we work together on this, we can have a chance to get rid or at least cut down on these things.

Here is our list of favorites:

E-mail Hoaxes: viruses, chain letters, cons, frauds, scams, schemes

Current Internet Hoaxes, urban legends, and other digital lies

The National Fraud Information Center

Virus Hoaxes

Cyndi's List - Internet Stuff You Need to Know

Korova Multimedia Hoax du Jour (September 01, 1999)

Say No to Chain Letters -

Finally, one just for fun.... EFF "Net Culture - Humor" Archive

Wishing you a great day and true communication!
Sharon and Clark Cameron

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