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What People Say About The Recoupling TM

"After 5 years of being divorced ... fed up with women ... not dating ... I resolved to go it alone. After working with the Camerons I was dating again. Within months, I was married. We are one of the happiest couples I know. We regularly use the information and techniques learned from the Camerons to keep our marriage a success. I say 'we' because, prior to getting married, I had my wife go through the Cameron process also, as my guest. I regard it as the best investment I (we) have ever made." -- Ray Gribble

"I experienced dramatic shifts in my perceptions ... of the world and ... close relationships-particularly my husband of 22 years. To say that I feel happier, freer and more peaceful is putting it mildly, Best of all, my husband and I now have the kind of relationship I had always believed was possible. I can't thank the Camerons enough." -- Sharon Waldo
"I was dragged, kicking and screaming, to the Camerons. My marriage was on the verge of collapse. My wife and I seemed to be worlds apart on almost every subject. She said things that hurt me and I did things that hurt her. None of it happened for the reasons we thought. They helped us give our marriage the foundation it never had before. The experience gave us new understanding, empathy for each other and a marriage that is growing again." -- Victor Schutz
"We came to the Cameron therapy after a four year relationship that didn't seem to be going anywhere. We had had a delightful courtship but when we lived together, would eventually breakup. The process of the Cameron therapy enabled us to set aside the major block to our relationship and enter into marriage freely and lovingly. Our life together is satisfying and workable, and we are able to handle the normal conflicts that arise between us." -- Sunni and Travis Gibbons
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