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What people say about Designing Your Heart's Desire: The Releasing Strategy...

“I picked up your book again recently and I am amazed. I’m actually going through it for the third time now and I am even more impressed! There are so many things in there that I missed or didn’t realize the deeper level of what you’re saying. This is such a powerful tool! A lot of what you say (in the book) doesn’t make sense since it can’t work that fast… but it does.” --Tom Goddard, LCSW (3/07)

"In time, this work will cause a revolution in mental health and therapy. It is so much more effective than anything in the counseling or motivational field." --Gene Guest, Mathematician, computer analyst, Santa Clara, CA

“I released many old mindsets that had held me back. Most exciting, I even released long held severe allergies! This process has taught me to recognize less useful mindsets and let them go easily. It allows me to respond constructively in situations often considered chaotic, as well as in times of dramatic change. Using this process on a consistent basis adds a sense of contentment and peace of mind to my life." -----Peg Stewart, Computer communications specialist, Livermore Labs, CA

To whom it may concern:

A friend of mine gave me the book, Designing Your Heart's Desire: The Releasing Strategy for Personal Power and Peace of Mind by Sharon Marshall Cameron for my birthday. It was the best gift I've ever received!

Reading this book has changed my whole perspective on life and has given me such a positive outlook. Little miracles began happening to me as soon as I started reading and using the book.

Since Sharon lives in the same city as I do, I wanted to speak with her and do some private work on some personal issues of mine. After my first session with her, more miracles came.

I also purchased Clark Cameron's cassette album produced through Nightingale Conant Corp., titled Permanent Weight Loss, which also utilizes the Releasing Strategy. It continued to produce more and more positive results. Immediately, my exercise and eating habits changed for the better.

All of the above have given me a new life that is full of an excitement and wondrous joy along with the peace of mind I've always dreamed of. Betty Triscik

Speech Therapist
San Jose, CA

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